US Judge sets a deadline for Prince Andrew's testimony in the sexual abuse case


Washington D.C

Virginia Giuffre, an American woman, had accused Queen Elizabeth II's second son of sleeping with her at least three times, including when she was under the age of consent. The prince has vigorously refuted the charges.

A US judge has set a timetable for Prince Andrew's evidence in a sexual assault lawsuit, ordering him to be questioned under oath by the middle of July 2022. Under Mutual League Aid (MLS), a system of collaboration between countries for seeking assistance in the investigation or prosecution of criminal offenses, the Duke of York would be compelled to answer questions posed by the lawyers of his accuser Virginia Giuffre during a private hearing.

According to reports in the UK media, the 61-year-old could invoke his right against self-incrimination and refuse to answer questions. He might also try to have any formal MLS request dismissed because he lacks relevant evidence.

What Exactly Are the Charges?

Virginia Giuffre launched a legal suit against Prince Andrew in a New York court on August 9. August 9the queen is to be held "accountability" and compensated for the physical and mental harm she has caused. Jeffrey Epstein, a US businessman charged in 2019 with running a sex trafficking network of minors, has victimized the mother of three.

Celebrities (Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker), politicians (ex-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, former US Presidents Donald Trump, and Bill Clinton), entrepreneurs (Bill Gates and Elon Musk), and even royals were among Epstein's contacts (Prince Andrew).

Giuffre claims that she was smuggled to London at the age of 17 by Epstein and his accused accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, where she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew. She further claimed the Duke of York had slept with her twice more without her permission.

The monarch has flatly refuted the allegations, claiming to have an alibi for the day of the purported sexual encounter in London. He also stated that he had no memory of meeting the woman.

The royal's account has been called into question, as one woman claimed to have seen him dancing with Giuffre in a nightclub, and at least one photo exists of Prince Andrew standing close to a young Giuffre and Epstein's purported "pimp" Ghislaine Maxwell.

According to reports, Prince Andrew plans to hand over "personal documents" in connection with a civil case in the United States. The complaint has a deadline of October 29 October 29al team to react. A remote hearing has been scheduled for November 3, November 3to The Sunday Telegraph.

On August 10, August 2019, awaiting trial, Jeffrey Epstein was discovered hanging in his cell. Although his death was considered a suicide, others speculate that the financier was assassinated by his powerful cronies, who may have been afraid of being implicated in the controversy. The FBI apprehended Ghislaine Maxwell in July of 2020, and her trial is set for November.

Publish : 2021-10-26 14:32:00

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