Myanmar military cruelty: Family learns death of arrested strike leader 18 days after his death

Photo: Facebook/ Ko Lin Paing Soe

According to the family, they only learned the death of Naypyitaw and Mandalay strike leader, Gurkha ethnic, Ko Lin Paing Soe (Roshan Subedi), after 18 days of the death. 

The family of the deceased told the MPA News that Ko Lin had torture wounds all over his body and died on the same day he was arrested and taken in for interrogation on October 1. 

“He has been dead a long time. The news of his death only becmae public now. He died on October 1. We’ve been anxious about his news these days. He really died a day after being arrested. As he was of different ethnicity, he was badly beaten since his days at the camp, he was almost dead already. He died when he was taken in for the interrogation. We only learned it just now after Ma Kyi Pyar (alias) phoned in.” said a Naypyitaw students union member, Ko Nay Thamine. 

On September 30, Ko Lin Paing Soe was arrested by the military and Ma Kyi Kyi Win, a visitor, visiting his comrade Ko Nyein Min Thant’s home in Mandalay. 

“We didn’t learn about his death directly. We only knew when the students from the Students Union told us. We’re sad. We have nothing to say”, said Ko Lin Paing Soe’s brother. 

Ko Lin Paing Soe was a metallurgical engineering student at the Kyaukse University of Technology and a Buddhist Gurkha ethnic. 

In Myanmar, after the military coup, anti-military dictatorship protesters were arrested and tortured in interrogation camps. Those of different religions (non-Buddhists), different sexes, student unions, and the National League for Democracy supporters are more severely tortured in those interrogation sessions.

Publish : 2021-10-18 21:44:00

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