US Navy confirms attack submarine collided with an 'unknown object' while submerged in South China sea


Indo-Pacific Region
US Navy said it is investigating an incident in which one of its nuclear-powered submarines struck an unkown object in the South China Sea. (Lt. Mack Jamieson/US Navy/AFP)

The US Navy announced on Thursday that one of its nuclear-powered submarines collided with an unexplained object underwater.

According to the US Pacific Fleet, the USS Connecticut impacted an unknown object while on routine operations in the South China Sea, which is under the direction of the US Navy.

The US Navy's response to the submarine incident

There were no life-threatening injuries, and the ship is still operational.

"The submarine continues to be safe and stable. The nuclear propulsion plant and areas aboard the USS Connecticut were not harmed and are fully operating "According to the statement.

According to the US Navy, the amount of the damage is being analyzed, and the incident is being probed.

The submarine is a nuclear-powered fast attack submarine of the Seawolf class assigned to the US Navy's Pacific Fleet. It is thought to be on its way to a US installation in Guam for additional examination.

The Asia-Pacific region is tense.

The event occurs when the United States and its allies execute joint operations as part of a massive show of force.

The drills are intended to counter China's expanding military presence in the disputed zone.

In September, the US, UK, and Australia formed an Asia-Pacific security pact to address regional security concerns. Beijing has harshly slammed the agreement.

China believes the majority of the waterways along major maritime lanes to be under its jurisdiction. Countries in the region are disputing these territorial claims.

China has flown fighter planes towards Taiwan in recent days, escalating tensions significantly.

According to Reuters, small numbers of US special operations soldiers are in Taiwan to train local forces, citing unnamed sources familiar with the situation. Neither the US nor Taiwanese defense chiefs were able to provide any additional information on the incident.

The United States has warned China that its increased military activity in the region is a destabilizing influence.

China has also been accused of intimidation by several countries.

Publish : 2021-10-08 11:24:00

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