Supreme Courts orders to allow resumption of eviction amid Pandemic


Washington DC

Amid the coronavirus Pandemic, the United States Supreme Court has allowed resuming evictions that have been suspended over the US amid the Pandemic.

The suspension of the moratorium of the court on late Thursday will end protection for more than 3.5 million people who could be potentially evicted within a month or two.

The ruling from the conservative majority supreme court blocked the Biden administration from banning eviction. The court also said that the US CDC which extended the eviction deadline in early August had no authority to do so.

The ruling from the court read, “If a federally imposed eviction moratorium is to continue, Congress must specifically authorize it.”

The White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that the Administration was disappointed by the court's decision. She added that the US President is once again calling on “all entities that can prevent evictions – from cities and states to local courts, landlords, Cabinet Agencies – to urgently act to prevent evictions.”

The end of the moratorium can potentially make hundreds of thousands of people homeless, if not millions.

Publish : 2021-08-27 13:08:00

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