Taliban kills a DW-Journalist's relative while searching for him

Photo: AFP | Getty Images

Taliban killed a Deutsche Welle Journalist's relative while searching for him.

The German broadcaster Deutsche Welle said in a statement on Thursday, the Taliban killed a family member of the reporter and another one was injured.

The broadcaster said that the other family members managed to escape. It did not reveal the identity of the journalist but said the Journalist is already based in Germany, from where he was working on.

However, the DW did not give further details on killed and injured family members.

DW director, Peter Limbourg, condemned saying that the killing as tragic, and proof of the imminent threat that the reporters and journalists possess in Afghanistan.

"The Taliban are obviously conducting organized searches for journalists in Kabul and the provinces. Time is running out," Limbourg added.

He also added that the homes of at least three other DW reporters were searched by the Taliban over the past weeks.

Publish : 2021-08-20 14:49:00

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