US: Smoke from the Wildfire in the West causes air pollution across the east


New York City
Photo: REUTERS/David Ryder

The smoke of the wildfire in the Western US and Canada has traveled more than 3000 miles across to the east causing the skyline of the eastern US to fill with smoke.

Dozens of wildfires are blazing in the western US and Canada. The blazing in the west has been led by the "boot-leg fire".

The wildfire smoke prompted the New York Health Officials to issue an advisory as the region's air quality index hit 118, which is considered unhealthy for those with breathing problems.

Also, the cities of Boston, Hartford, and Philadelphia recorded Air quality indices of well above 100.

The Canadian city of Toronto too was blanketed by the cloud of smoke.

More than 80 wildfires are currently blazing in 13 Western US states. 

More than 1.3 million acres of forest have been already charred by the wildfires.

The bot-leg fire, the largest of them all, now covers half the size of Rhode Island. The rising smoke from the boot-leg fire has caused an unusual phenomenon called two fire clouds.

Such clouds can produce their own lightning and can cause fire-generated thunderstorms.

Publish : 2021-07-21 11:35:00

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