WHO warns Delta variant spreading at an alarming rate among unvaccinated population

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus File picture

The COVID-19 delta form, found in at least 85 countries, is the most transmissible and rapidly spread between unvaccinated people and has been alerted by WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

"I know that the delta variation in worldwide terms today is quite worried, and the WHO also worries," said General Manager Ghebreyesus at a World Health Organization press release on Friday.

The Delta variant was first discovered in India. 

It has been detected in at least 85 countries, and it is rapidly spreading among unvaccinated populations, he said in Geneva, as the most transmissible of the variations so far identified.

He said with concern that, as some countries make public health and social measures easier, we are beginning to witness an increase in global transmission.

More cases mean more hospitalizations, more healthcare professionals and health systems, and the danger of death grows, he said.

Tedros, an Ethiopian, chastened countries unidentified for hesitation in sharing doses with countries with poor incomes. He likened it to the HIV/AIDS issue when some believed that sophisticated treatment could not be used by African nations.

"I mean attitude must be something of the past," remarked Tedros, according to Reuters. "Now is the issue of supply, simply send the vaccines to us."

'The divide between the haves and the notions now reveals the injustice, the inequality, let's face the unfairness of our reality he remarked.

While pointing to the expectation and reporting on new COVID 19 variants, these viruses develop - but we can prevent variants from emerging by blocking transmission.

Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO's COVID-19 Technical Leader claimed that the delta is a deadly "virus, and is transmitted more than the alpha version, which itself is tremendously transmitted throughout Europe and any country it has invaded. In a severe warning.

She added the delta version is significantly more transmissible, adding that in certain countries around the globe, the WHO is observing trajectories of nearly vertical events."

Many countries throughout Europe are experiencing a decrease in instances, however, there are many events around the continent, including huge athletic, religious, or even backyard grilling activities.

"All these measures have effects, and the Delta version is easily spreading among uninfected people," stated Kerkhove.

Although certain states are highly vaccinated, the entire population of these countries has not yet been vaccinated and many people have not had their second or complete COVID-19 dose, she said.

Kerkhove stressed the unbelievable effectiveness of CO VIO-19 vaccinations, including against the Delta form, in averting serious diseases and death.

The virus is still developing. Right now, we work on public and social health, on vaccinations, on diagnostics, and on therapy. But this virus may be developing and these defenses are not. But it may happen. So we need some movement to pull together to pull down and keep transmission down, she explained.

Kerkhove warned about the effects of such gatherings which witness enormous crowds of people. With an increased transmission we are already beginning to observe some of the ramifications of these events. The Delta version will exponentially expose this pandemic curve, she said.

She asked people to stay safe and to decide on what they need to accomplish each day. "There is a lot we all want to do, but right now we don't have a lot to do, she stated.

"It isn't... that we have to think about this for the next few months. Right now, we need to think about it because every action we do, leaders have positive and negative repercussions."

The WHO chairman said it is fairly straightforward that more transmission means more variants and fewer variants.

"What makes it even more necessary that we employ the full range of tools to prevent transmission, in combination with a just vaccine, to customize and consistently use public health and social interventions," Ghebreyesus added.

For at least a year, WHO stated that vaccines should be fairly distributed to protect health care workers and the most vulnerable. That's why it said.

The WHO warned this week that in new nations around the world, the Delta form, the considerably more transmissible variety of COVID-19, remains uncovered.

WHO announced on 22 June the COVID-19 Weekly Epidemiological Update stated that in 170 nations, territories, or regions, the beta was recorded in 119 countries in the global Alpha version, gamma in 71 countries, and delta was reported in 85 countries.

The update states that Delta, which is now recorded in 85 countries worldwide, still reports across the entire WHO Region in new nations, of which 11 have been reported recently in the last couple of weeks.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) stated that four current worry variants are closely monitored in all WHO regions - alpha, beta, gamma, and delta.

The Delta vary is substantially more transmissible than the Alpha varies and should continue with current trends, it should become a dominant lineage.

Publish : 2021-06-26 12:47:00

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