Diana Ross is back with her new album 'Thank You' after 15 years

‘As you hear my voice you hear my heart’ … Diana Ross. Photograph: Omar Vega/Getty Images

The new album, 'Thank You,' has been unveiled by Diana Ross, and the title tune offered by her album is a gift for her dedicated followers.

Her first record in 15 years has been announced by Diana Ross.

The former Supremes star will release 'Thank You' on the 13-track LP this fall thanks to her loyal follow-up. This will be the famous label Decca.

The singer "Endless Love" also revealed the title track of the album to give a taste of the future for the fans.

It is the first collection of new products from "I Love You" in 2006 that the "I'm Coming Out" hitmaker has made.

She said: "This song compilation is my thankful and loving gift to you. I am always grateful that at this moment I got the chance to record this lovely music."

Each song was co-written in Ross with the leading songwriters in the music business, including Jack Antanoff, Amy Wadge, Jimmy Napes, Troy Miller, Freddie Wexler, and Tayla Parx.

Legendary music added: "I give you all, the listeners, this songbook of love. You hear my heart when you listen to my voice.

'lead the way for love.'"

In 2019, Ross kicked off her second album, "Blues Singing," which is upbeat.

At the time, she said: "I'm getting ready for a new album and I want to do songs where I come from - is the English right? - I feel so extremely thankful and appreciative of you at that period in my life.

"I don't want to sing the blues, I don't want to. I want to sing songs that actually talk to you and where I am now, and optimistic and optimistic. And I want to sing."

The 77-year-old icon was set to take place in Glastonbury last year before the pandemic struck COVID-19 on Sunday afternoon Legend's slot and will take part in the "Top Of The World Tour" as well.

The race was slated for June and July 2021, but Ross put the tour back until 2022 because of persistent constraints.

Since the 2007 'I Love You Tour' Ross has not performed in the UK.

'Thank you is listed as follows:

1. 'Thank You'
2. 'If the World Just Danced'
3. 'All Is Well'
4. 'In Your Heart'
5. 'Just In Case'
6. 'The Answers Always Love'
7. 'Let’s Do It'
8. 'I Still Believe'
9. 'Count On Me'
10. 'Tomorrow'
11. 'Beautiful Love'
12. 'Time To Call'
13. 'Come Together'
Publish : 2021-06-17 15:55:00

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