36 injured at a car bomb explosion in Colombia

Photo: Reuters | Stringer

A car bomb explosion at the military base in the Colombian city Cacuta injured 36 people on Tuesday. 

Cacuta is a North Eastern city of the country which borders Venezuela. The explosion took place at the 30th army brigade of the Colombian Military.

Country's Defense Minister Diego Malano condemned the actions saying, "We reject and repudiate this vile and terrorist act which sought to attack the soldiers of Colombia."

Talking with the journalists, Molano informed, "Thirty-six people were injured. Three of them with a degree of gravity."

He said 29 people have been hospitalized and one of the injured had surgery. He also added there were two explosions.

Columbia is in an insurgency as the Guerrillas in the country are fighting against social injustices.

Although the government signed a peace treaty with Revolutionary Armed forces (FARC) Rebels in 2016, other groups in the country including the National Liberation Army the treaty.



Publish : 2021-06-16 13:55:00

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