A pitch invader in Euro Cup match between Germany and France causes injuries to several people

A Greenpeace activist lands on the pitch before the start of the match between France and Germany at the Allianz Arena. Photo: Christian Charisius/dpa.

When a Greenpeace protestor caught overhead camera wires while attempting to parachute over the pitch before France v Germany at Euro 2020, he nearly averted disaster but wounded "many people."

After hitting cables connecting to the stadium roof, the man lunged ominously towards supporters in the stands but managed to swing around in a tight circle and land on the grass.

Security personnel soon escorted him away.

According to British news agency PA, European football governing body UEFA said "a number of individuals" were being treated in hospitals for injuries caused by the "reckless and deadly" incident.

"We are incredibly sorry," stated a Greenpeace representative.

The organization stated on Twitter that the action "never had the purpose to disrupt the game or damage anybody."

Greenpeace claims that its protests are always peaceful and free of violence. "Unfortunately, this move did not proceed according to plan."

Volkswagen-related protests

The plan was to drop a giant latex ball on the field and have the parachutist navigate away with the help of a motor.

Greenpeace wants to protest Volkswagen, a German automobile company.

They used Twitter to demand that the company stop selling polluting diesel and gasoline vehicles.

Publish : 2021-06-16 13:03:00

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