Americans who helped Nissan Motor chairperson flee Trial in Japan plead guilty

Photo: Reuters | Mohammad Azakir

Two American Father and Son, who helped Nissan Motor Corp Chairperson Carlos Ghosn flee trial in Japan 18 months ago, pleaded guilty in a Tokyo court on Monday.

Michael Taylor, 60, and Peter Taylor, 28 admitted that the two helped Ghosn Escape Japan in 2019. They were extradited to Japan from the US in March. 

According to the Japan Times, the two will face a maximum of three years in prison for harboring or enabling the space of a criminal. 

Michael has never denied helping in Ghosn's escape, however, he had kept resisting the fact that his son was involved in the case. 

The Japanese legal system will be "tough but fair" with the Taylors, said William Cleary, a professor at Hiroshima Shudo University who specializes in Japanese criminal law. They probably won't get the maximum sentence, he said.

Ghosn was facing charges of financial misconduct. After smuggling himself in a case for audio equipment and being put in a private jet, the former auto executive made his way to Beirut, where he currently resides, The Japan Times reported.

Publish : 2021-06-14 16:09:00

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