Daughter-in-law of Donald Trump, Lara Trump urges Southern Americans to "Arm up and get guns"


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Lara Trump, former President Donald Trump's daughter-in-law, on Saturday urged Americans living near the souther border to "take matters into their own hands." CHIP SOMODEVILLA/GETTY IMAGES

Former President Donald Trump's daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, advised Americans living along the southern border to "arm up" and "grab guns" on Saturday night, slamming Vice President Joe Biden's immigration policies.

Trump, who is a Fox News contributor, branded Biden's border answer "disgraceful" during an appearance on the network's Justice With Judge Jeanine.

"I'm not sure what to say to those who reside on the southern border. I suppose they should arm themselves, obtain guns, and prepare for the worst, and perhaps they'll have to start taking matters into their own hands "she stated "This is something that should never happen. These folks should never have been here in the first place."

Several users, including Russell Foster, who ran for Texas' 4th Congressional District in 2020, instantly slammed her comments. "This is quite risky. People should shoot immigrants, according to the former president's daughter-in-law. It's becoming worse after a string of horrific shootings in Texas and elsewhere in recent days. This may result in an increase in hate crimes across the country "Foster sent out a tweet.

In April, US Customs and Border Protection reported seeing 178,000 migrants, up about 5,000 from the previous month. The department has reported 749,600 interactions so far this year. In the year 2020, the agency reported 458,088 encounters.

Conservatives have often chastised the Biden administration for allegedly failing to stem the influx of Central American migrants into the United States.

Despite Biden's decision to halt any border wall construction, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott revealed plans to erect a border wall during a press conference in Del Rio on Thursday.

"President Biden's open-border policies have resulted in a humanitarian disaster at our southern border as record numbers of illegal immigrants, drugs, and contraband flood into Texas," Abbott stated. "While the federal government is responsible for border security, Texas will not stand by while the issue worsens."

The Biden administration confirmed on Friday that the Pentagon will receive around $2 billion in money for Trump's border wall. "Building a huge wall that spans the entire southern border at a cost of billions of dollars to American taxpayers is neither a credible policy solution nor a reasonable use of federal funding," the Office of Management and Budget stated in a statement.

In late March, Biden named Vice President Kamala Harris to spearhead his administration's response to border immigration challenges. Harris, on the other hand, will play a diplomatic rather than a managerial function, according to the administration.

Publish : 2021-06-13 11:20:00

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