Sex matters

Maya Forstater © Twitter / @MForstater

A British lady has won her appeal against an employment tribunal after she was fired for arguing that people can't change their biological sex.
While working as a tax specialist for the Center for Global Development (CGD) in London in 2018, Maya Forstater, 47, made several gender-critical tweets.

Forstater's contract with the think tank was not renewed in 2019, and she lost an employment tribunal later that year in which she claimed that her employer was discriminating against her because of her beliefs.

Forstater, on the other hand, won her appeal against the prior verdict on Thursday, when a High Court judge ruled that the panel had "erred in law."

He did underline, however, that the ruling does not mean that “those with gender-critical attitudes can ‘misgender' trans people without consequence.”

“We understand that this judgment may disappoint some trans people,” he added.

According to the verdict, Forstater's beliefs "does not come close to... Nazism or totalitarianism," which the judge deems unworthy of protection in a democratic country.

“I am glad to have been vindicated,” Forstater said in a statement. I was fired for expressing a viewpoint that is both truthful and significant, and that is shared by the vast majority of Americans: sex matters.”

Publish : 2021-06-10 20:28:00

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