A deranged man in China stabs 20 people, killing 6 and severely injuring 14 other

The suspect is seen running through the streets with a knife. PHOTO: Weibo

On Saturday, a knife attack in eastern China killed six people and injured 14.

Wu, a 25-year-old unemployed guy from Huaining county, was arrested over the incident, according to authorities in Anqing, a city in Anhui province.

The municipal authorities said in a statement that he killed out of rage, due to family problems and pessimism.

Six people have died in the incident as of midday on Sunday (June 6), while 14 more were being treated for injuries. One of the injured was in critical condition, while the other 13 were in good health.

It was China's third such attack in as many weeks.

Several passersby are seen wounded and covered in blood on a sidewalk near Renmin Road in the city center, as well as several bloodstains on the ground, in videos circulating on the internet.

A doctor was witnessed giving CPR to a woman who had had an abdominal injury.

The Renmin Road walkway lies in the heart of Anqing's old town, near a pedestrian-only zone and primary and secondary schools.

Four police officers escorted the suspect away from the crime scene. The suspect was dressed in a grey shirt and dark trousers, with a white fabric strip tied around his head, according to a photo posted by Xinan Evening News.

According to Zoe Zhang, a young woman from Anqing, the area where the incident occurred was always highly busy.

“I frequently visit the bookstore there. I was unable to attend because I had to work the previous day. She confessed, "Now I'm afraid to think about it."

Due to a scarcity of local supplies, the local blood bank issued an urgent request for donations on Saturday night.

On Saturday night, the Ministry of Public Security dispatched a working group to Anqing to assist with the investigation. Following the attack, the provincial party head and the governor asked local officials to strengthen social restrictions and maintain order.

In the previous two weeks, mainland China has seen three indiscriminate attacks.

On May 22, five people were killed and injured when a car plowed into a crowd in Dalian, China's northeastern metropolis. After an investment failed, police detained a guy named Liu, who claimed he wanted to "take revenge on society."

A week later, in Nanjing, a man was detained on suspicion of running over his ex-wife with his car, plowing it into a crowd, and then pulling out a knife in an attack that left eight people injured.

Back-to-back crimes have sparked widespread concern in China, with some blaming them on deeper socioeconomic issues.

“The discrepancy between the rich and the poor is too large,” wrote an online user named “Chanchan” on the social media site Weibo. In a lifetime of hard work, the lower class can only provide a few meals for the wealthy... The dark side of human nature will be immensely accentuated in times of despair, but [those who] harm the innocent should go to hell.”

Publish : 2021-06-06 15:48:00

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