'Another Round' remake: Director Thomas Vinterberg full of hope and curiosity about Leonardo DiCaprio starring in the Hollywood remake

Picture Courtesy: Daily Mail via AP
Picture Courtesy: Daily Mail via AP

Thomas Vinterberg says he's 'full of hope and excitement' about Leonardo DiCaprio and his company Appian Way's English-language adaptation of his Oscar-winning film Another Round.

'I've seen a lot of different interpretations of my work,' the 51-year-old Danish film director told Indiewire on Monday. 'Seeing something evolve into different versions is a fascinating artistic thing.'

After the A-company lister's acquired the remake rights, Vinterberg expressed optimism about how the Oscar winner will treat the content, complimenting DiCaprio, 46, on how he's curated his career.

'Now it's in the hands of the finest actor you can get, and apart from being a great actor, he's made very intelligent choices throughout his career,' said Vinterberg, who accepted an Academy Award for Best International Feature Film on Sunday in memory of his late daughter Ida. 'I think the decisions he's taken have a lot of credibilities.'

Vinterberg told the outlet that he would talk with Appian Way about the project this week, but that he would not be writing or directing it.

'This is all new to me,' he said. So I'll talk to them about it and see what happens.'

In the remake, Vinterberg said he wasn't sure if Mads Mikkelsen would reprise his role as Martin.

Vinterberg said, "I'll leave those kinds of decisions to Appian Way and the conversation I'll have with them." 'I'm not sure Mads would do anything like that.

'My first reaction would be to come up with a different explanation.' It may be perplexing to ask the same actor to perform a different interpretation. But I won't be the driving force behind it. That will have to be decided by the people who do it.'

On Twitter, a number of fans reacted angrily to an American remake of the acclaimed Danish film, claiming that it was unnecessary and symptomatic of Hollywood's lack of original material.

'I'm an American, and this really irritates me,' one user wrote. 'Hollywood has lost its originality, but it prefers to borrow from other countries and cultures in order to make it their own.' They'll muck it up, too, because American drinking culture is messed up.'

'Man, Hollywood thinks dropping the subtitles is enough of a novelty to warrant an adaptation,' said another user. I'd like to pitch Amelie without the subtitles. PLEASE GIVE ME MY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

'Another round is basically a movie that honors the *Danish* culture,' one person said, pointing out the contradiction in the remake. Why does it need to be remade in *American*?'

Publish : 2021-04-28 13:37:00

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