Myanmar Military Coup : 51 children killed so far by the military regime


Yangon, Myanmar
Photo: Lahore Herald

At least 51 children have been killed by security forces in Myanmar amid political turmoil.

The United Nations says he was killed during a protest by security forces.

They have been killed during a violent attack by security forces on protesters, UN spokesman Stephen Dujarric said.

During a regular press conference on Wednesday, he presented the details up to April 13. "From February 1 to April 13, at least 51 children were killed by security forces during the protests in Myanmar," he said.

He added that security forces had detained about a thousand children on charges of involvement in the agitation. 

He also expressed concern that violence was taking place despite repeated calls by the United Nations to stop the violence and choose the path of peace.

Dissatisfied with the results of the last parliamentary elections, the military has seized power in Myanmar under the pretext of holding re-elections.

On February 1, the day the first session of the new parliament was scheduled to take place, the army announced that it had taken control of the country by detaining top leaders.

The army's move has been widely opposed since the day it took power.


International organizations, including the United Nations, and various countries have repeatedly called for Myanmar to return to democracy, saying it was wrong for the military to take power.

As many as 707 people have been killed in Myanmar so far in protests against the military's crackdown on dissent.


Publish : 2021-04-16 14:15:00

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