Pause on the use of Johnson & Johnson won't slow the pace of US vaccination rollout


Washington DC
Photo: Paul Hennessy | LightRocket | Getty Images

According to the US officials, the FDA's recommended pause won't slow the pace of the vaccination rollout.

The White House's COVID-19 Response Co-ordinator, Jeff Zients, told the reporters on Tuesday that the recommended pause on the vaccination rollout by the Food and Drug Administration “will not have a significant impact on our vaccination program.”

“The president has always said that this is a wartime effort, and as such we’ve mobilized a wartime effort so that we’re prepared for a wide range of scenarios,” he said. “We have more than enough supply of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to continue the current pace of about 3 million shots per day.”

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine makes up 7.2 million of the total doses administered to Americans thus far, compared to 99.5 million doses of Pfizer and 85.4 million doses of Moderna.

The single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine is responsible for 9.5% of the roughly 75 million Americans who are fully vaccinated, according to CDC data.

Publish : 2021-04-14 19:11:00

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