Myanmar: Junta forces attack doctors who aid the wounded

Regime forces arrest protesting medical students. Photo: CJ

Myanmar Regime Forces target doctors, clinics, and medical personnel who assist those wounded by the Junta troops.

Early Saturday morning, as reported by Irrawaddy, police stormed into a physician's home who was an orthopedic surgeon and a professor at the University of Medicine Yangon and had been involved in the Civil Disobedience Movement against the Junta.

Prof. Dr. Kyaw Min Soe was abducted by the Junta forces with his hands tied behind the back and a black bag being put over his head.

“The way they arrested Sayargyi [a respected professor] is totally unacceptable. He was arrested like a criminal,” a doctor close to Dr. Kyaw Min Soe said.

People assumed that the professor had been arrested because he was aiding to those wounded by the regime forces.

Some also speculated that he was arrested of his close relations with Dr. Zai Wau Soe, a minister for NLD-led shadow govenrment.

Mobile medical teams and secret medical clinics giving treatment to wounded anti-regime demonstrators have been increasingly targeted with violence and arrests.

On Monday, soldiers and police raided a charity clinic in Sanchaung Township and arrested four volunteer medical staff members: Dr. Aung Kyaw Oo, Dr. Soe San Phyo, Dr. Chan Myae Zaw, and Ma Khin Su Su Tun. They also arrested five other volunteers.

“They were arrested while treating the patients. Is it a crime for doctors and nurses to save patients’ lives?” a doctor wrote on her Facebook account, calling for the immediate release of the detained medics.

Hundreds of doctors who are actively involved in the CDM or leading the movement have gone into hiding to evade arrest.


Publish : 2021-04-07 12:20:00

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