Top 10 trending travel destinations in the UK revealed by Airbnb

Some of the lesser-known gems (Picture: Getty/Shutterstock)

The bank holiday weekend gave us a preview of what is to come in the warmer months.

So, as we look forward to summer, we're already preparing our vacations, and given the uncertainty surrounding foreign travel, it's likely that these will be UK staycations.

And it seems that many of us have already started looking for the best spots closer to home.

Airbnb has revealed its top 10 trending UK destinations, based on year-over-year search growth, and rural areas, rather than busy towns, are soaring in popularity.

However, the regular star players, such as St Ives and Bournemouth, do not seem to make the top ten.

Saint Clears in Pembrokeshire, a lesser-known town, has taken the top spot. According to Airbnb reports, the historic Welsh town on the River Taf has seen the greatest increase in British searches this summer.

The Forest of Dean, a geographical, historical, and cultural area in Gloucestershire, comes in second, with Clovelly, a harbor village in Devon, coming in third.

The list tends to favor the south of England, with several locations in Sussex, Cornwall, and Devon making the top ten – but not necessarily the places that come to mind when you think of those regions.

‘Our trending destinations show that travel this year is likely to be a little different, with many using a summer closer to home to discover lesser-known rural destinations in addition to the well-loved favorites,' said Amanda Cupples, general manager for Northern Europe at Airbnb.

If you're looking to travel further afield when things open up again, Airbnb released a list of its most popular properties last year, with a cave house in Santorini and an eco bamboo home in Bali topping the list.

Publish : 2021-04-07 09:07:00

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