Has Vice President of the US gone missing?


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It has been 12 days since President Joe Biden put his second in command Kamala Harris in charge of tackling the border crisis. However, the Vice President hasn't spoken on the issue yet.

President set Harris a role to lead the efforts to tackle the crisis on the southern border. But the vice president has not even held a press conference after she was assigned the role.

The surge of incoming migrants to the US has been described as a humanitarian crisis by many. There are unaccompanied children, being detained at the southern border, who have not seen sunlight for days.

Previously, Harris was accused of not taking the matter at the southern border seriously when she laughed off the reporter's question if she is visiting the southern border.

And her recent actions show the border thing is quite low on Harris' priority list.

She has been meeting with different international leaders on the issue, however, nothing has been publicized yet to know if there is any progress.

The question mark has been raised over how seriously the Biden Administration takes care of the issue seriously. Democrat Congress-woman AOC previously responded to the children's condition saying they are better than during the Trump administration

People have been starting to discuss on social media if the vice president of the US has actually gone missing following her being given the charge of solving the border crisis.





Publish : 2021-04-06 01:22:00

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