Experimental COVID Vaccines Given To Great Apes in San Diego Zoo

Photo: Brett Jordan Via: Pexels

An experimental COVID-19 vaccine has been given to nine great apes in San Diego zoo after an outbreak in a troop of gorillas in January.

Five Bonobos and four orangutans became the first recipients of the vaccine against the disease ever in American zoo.

The animals were given a couple dose of the experimental vaccine developed by the US Veterinary Pharmaceutical company, Zoetis, for the use in animals. If given approval, the vaccine could also be used even in other domestic pets like cats and dogs. 

The vaccine was developed upon the Zoo's emergency request, Zoetis said, as eight gorillas were tested positive for Covid-19, in the start of 2021.

Scientists and experts have warned the population of the kind could even be wiped out due to the pandemic in the near future.

Publish : 2021-03-09 08:03:00

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