A young woman who flew from the United States to find the killer of her brother goes toe-to-toe with the Police

Durga Bastola leading a protest demanding justice for her brother. (BL Media)

She was in the US for two and a half years - Durga Bastola (Sadiksha).

Before going to the US for pilot training, Durga worked as an air hostess in Nepal.

She previously worked as an air hostess for Saurya Airlines. She then took over as the airline's chief air hostess. Not wanting to limit herself just as an air hostess, she took off to the US for pilot training. 

Her training was conducted at Delta Qualiflight Aviation Academy in Texas, USA. Last December 20, her phone rang. The call came from home. The news of the mysterious death of her brother, Praveen, left her in shock. 

She decided to come to Nepal immediately. She got tickets overnight. She arrived in Nepal on the third day after hearing the news of her brother's death.

Durga told BL Correspondent, "I lost consciousness when I heard the news that my brother was dead. I don't know how I got to Nepal."

After coming to Nepal, she filed an FIR in the name of her father at the Local Police Station, demanding a thorough investigation into her brother's mysterious death.

Chief Inspector of the Local Police Station, Uddhav Pokharel, assured Durga, who was shocked by her brother's death, that the investigation will be efficient, whether it is murder or natural death, the truth will be found in a just manner. Durga was relieved by Inspector Pokharel's words.

Durga said, "When the inspector began his investigation later, it seemed that he had delayed the investigation on purpose. When I asked him what was going on with the investigation, he got furious."

Durga suspected that the police had done something wrong. Then she became more interested in the investigation. She looked over the documents submitted by the police to the public prosecutor's office.

I am ready to face capital punishment but I will continue to raise my voice against the Prime Minister, Home Minister, President, Police, or anybody who is guilty of a crime. 

The post-mortem report was in the file submitted to the public prosecutor's office. It said- "normal death" on the post-mortem report. She even found a photo of a different person in her brother's file.

She felt that the police inspector had changed the photo with the wrong intention despite knowing everything about the incident. She followed the investigation even more closely.

She thought that the mysterious death had been made to look like a normal one by the police and the police were trying to hide the killer. After that, Durga went live on "Facebook" from the Police Station, intending to expose the deeds of the police. 

Police tried to force her out of the police station. The villagers also supported Durga and surrounded the police station demanding justice. The villagers have been protesting at the police office every day saying that the police tried to settle the incident for financial gain and hide the culprits.

Durga’s Facebook Live has turned into a pressure campaign movement. She is supported by the locals and now joined by people from all over the world. Her bravery has brought people together to bring justice to her and her family. 

Praveen Bastola was found dead in a suspicious condition on December 20. He was found dead in a room where he was staying with friends at night.

Publish : 2021-03-02 11:15:00

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