Explosion results in the injury of three US police officers

An explosion believed to have been caused by an explosion in a vacant house injured three American police officers in the state of Kansas. (MNA)

Around 4 p.m, a vacant house located near the south of downtown Wichita, Kansas was under inspection by three police officers. The investigation resulted in the injury of the three officers, believed to be caused by an explosion inside the house.

It is not yet clear what actually happened but the injuries and the loud noise were caused either by some kind of explosion or the firing of bullets. Two officers received minor injuries while one of the officers was seriously injured. 

Out of the three officers, two were reported to be minorly injured while the other officer is reported to be in a serious condition. All of the three officers were taken to the hospital to be evaluated. 

Publish : 2021-02-28 13:27:00

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