More than 400 prisoners escaped in Haiti; At least 25 died


Photo: AFP

Haiti Authorities announced on Friday that more than 400 prisoners escaped prison from the Croix-des-Bouquets prison in Haitian Capital.

The Director of the prison said that at least 25 people died in the mass-escape. The prison officer was also among the dead during the .incident.

A  powerful gang leader named Arnel Joseph was also among the escaped, who was killed hours after escaping. Thursday's prison escape was one of the deadliest prison escapes on the Caribbean island.

Secretary of State for Communication Frantz Exantus announced that the head of the prison, Paul Hector Joseph, six inmates, and a police officer died during the mass escape.

Although the details of escape are not clear, it had been initially reported more than 400 prisoners had escaped.

Authorities say more than 60 prisoners have been recaptured after the incident. More than 200 prisoners are still on the run.

Haitian President Jovenel Moise issued a statement requesting the Haitians to say calm. "The Haiti National Police is instructed to take all measures to bring the situation under control," he said via his Twitter handle.


Publish : 2021-02-28 00:24:00

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