Shelby county’s health director resigned following two children’s unapproved vaccination

Governer Bill lee talks with the press. via: WMC5

Setting embarrassing hiccups in the county’s vaccine rollout, coronavirus vaccines were allegedly stolen and two children were wrongly administered jabs in Shelby County, Tennessee.

State Health Commissioner for Tennessee, Lisa Piercey disclosed the news on Friday. She also alerted the FBI about the alleged theft

Shelby county’s health director submitted her resignation following a forgettable week in the county's vaccination rollout.

Prior to this incident, there had been an announcement that more than 2,400 vaccine doses in the county had been wasted over the course of months. The state was transferring the control of storage and distribution to the county’s vaccine inventory to the city of Memphis.

Piercey said it has been believed that multiple doses of the vaccine have been stolen from an event on February 3. Apparently the vaccine was stolen by drawing out the vaccine into syringes.

The state is also trying to determine how two children got vaccinated at a separate site on February 3.

None of the available vaccines has been approved for children-use as of yet.

Publish : 2021-02-27 14:54:00

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