Mitch McConnell will ‘absolutely’ support Trump if he wins 2024 nomination


Washington DC
Photo: Fox News

Republican Senate Leader, Mitch McConnell has said he will ‘absolutely’ support Trump if he secures the Republican nomination for the 2024 elections.

In an interview with Fox News when asked If [Trump] was the party's nominee, would you support him?The Kentucky Republican replied, “The nominee of the party? Absolutely”

McConnell has been very critical of Trump in recent days following the January 6’s Capitol Seize.

McConnell said that there is no barrier for who can run in the presidential nomination. He said, “There is no incumbent. Should be a wide-open race.”

The Independent writes that these remarks underscore an awkward balancing act that McConnell seeks to maintain since Trump lost the election, reflecting the reality that McConnell’s own path back to power hinges on enthusiasm from a party base that still blindly supports Trump.

McConnell’s relation with the former president has soured after Trump disagreed with the election result. However, McConnell voted to not impeach Trump despite continuous criticism of Trump’s efforts.

A long-time Trump opponent GOP Senator Mitt Romney recently predicted that Trump will win the Republican nominations if he runs for it.


Publish : 2021-02-26 10:17:00

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