China warns "anti-China" forces to not use Myanmar as strategic pivot to contain China

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Denying the military take over and describing it as the major cabinet-reshuffle, China has warned the West and "anti-China" forces not to interfere in the internal domestic politics of Myanmar. 

China has said it does not want to get itself involved in the domestic politics of Myanmar and hopes best that all the parties involved will develop a consensus within the legal framework of the country.

China blames the West, Hongkong secessionists, and other "anti-China" forces for using Myanmar's geopolitical condition as a "pawn" in the political rivalry with China.

Foreign relation experts in China allege the West of spreading rumors to stoke hatred against China.

Despite denial from the Chinese and the Burmese side, it has widely been feared that the military coup in Myanmar has been backed by China. There have been accusations that China has been sending technicians to help the military in building an internet Firewall.

China's ambassador to Myanmar, Chen Hai responded to the accusations saying them "ridiculous and utter nonsense."

China is the largest trading partner to the South East Asian nation of Myanmar.

There have been protests in front of the Chinese Embassy in different countries including Myanmar. Every day hundreds of protestors gather in front of the Chinese Embassy in Yangon.

Even in China, Burmese people have gathered to protest against the silence of China in the issue. However denying all the accusations, China has repeatedly said that it does not want to see what is happening in Myanmar. But China insists that the political conditions in Myanmar should be handled by Myanmar's people instead of by any external forces.

A spokesperson to the Myanmar military rejected the accusation of accepting any help from China. 

China claims the current geopolitical turmoil in Myanmar has been used to and spread anti-China sentiments in Myanmar.

Chinese state media, Global Times has repeatedly warned the West to stay out of Myanmar. 

Apart from China, Russia has also been relatively silent on the issue of the Myanmar coup. Russia previously blocked a UN security council condemnation of the coup.

The West suspects China being "okay" with the coup if the military continues to be a trading partner. 

The idea of socialist brotherhood and fighting tyranny seems long lost to China as the "Socialist" country seems pretty close to the military whom the communist rebels were fighting during the ethnic insurgency.

China's refusal to accept the military coup and defining it as a "cabinet-reshuffle" has once again raised a question mark over the country's intention of using the western sanctions as an opportunity for trade surplus.

However, China continues to deny the allegations saying the intervention of the external forces increases the instability. China has emphasized other countries should not interfere in domestic matters.

Publish : 2021-02-22 17:50:00

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