People would rather give up sex to travel, survey shows

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A Trivago survey shows that people would rather give up their, sex-life, job, and savings to travel. 

Trivago polled more than 2,000 adults in the US and the UK. The results revealed that the Trivago consumers in the US and the UK were ready to give up their significant desires to be able to travel again.

Around two-fifth(38%-US,40%-UK) of the respondents said that they would rather give up their sex life to be able to Travel again.

One-fifth of the respondents were ready to give up their partner for a trip, while almost half of them said they would give up their job.

25% of the people said they would give up all their savings to travel again.

It has been clear that travel plays a major role in making lives happy.

With the increasing COVID vaccine rollouts and gradually decreasing number of infected people. It might not take too long for the travel restrictions to be fully lifted and people might soon be able to travel without giving up a lot.


Access the full reports from the survey HERE

Publish : 2021-02-20 18:55:00

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