Facebook building smartwatch with Health features


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Facebook Inc is building a smartwatch with health and fitness features, that will focus on sending messages.

The social media giant's plan to start selling the device next year has also raised eyebrows of many as they fear Facebook is on its way to hoover up health data as they are hoovering other data up.

The move will mark Facebook's entry into the smartwatch market currently dominated by its major competitor Apple Inc.

It is said that Facebook's smartwatch will work via a cellular network. It will let the users send messages through its services and also connect to the services or hardware of fitness companies such as Peloton Interactive.

According to reports, Facebook has been foraying into the hardware sector in recent years, coming up with products including virtual reality headset Oculus and video chatting device Portal.

Facebook has not officially stated anything about it so far.

Publish : 2021-02-14 12:45:00

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