CDC released new guidelines for how to reopon schools safely


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Photo: Shutterstock

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new guidelines on Friday about how can schools be safely reopened.

The CDC outlined the precautions that help to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus as the students go back to their classrooms.

CDC's guidelines, however, are only advisory but the general conclusion is that schools can be safely reopened.  Vox quoted CDC Director Rochelle Walensky saying, “I don’t think I have the authority to demand that schools reopen.” She said her job is to guide how to make reopening as safe as possible.

The reports of learning loss and mental health crisis continue to mount amidst the Pandemic and Lockdown. Research, however, suggests that the children aren't at a high risk of COVID-19. This has sparked arguments that closing schools cause more harm than opening them.

The CDC has pointed five major steps that can be taken to safely reopen the schools. Universal Masking, Physical Distancing, consistent handwashing and other respiratory etiquettes (such as covering face while coughing), cleaning school facilities and COVID testing and contact tracing are the five steps that should be taken for the safe reopening of the school.

The CDC highlighted masking and physical distancing as top priorities for in-person teaching. It also advised schools to take more of these steps, and implement them more aggressively, if Covid-19 is spreading rapidly in the community surrounding schools, based on color-coded “phases.”

CDC also suggested other effective techniques like canceling the indoor extra-curricular activities, constantly opening doors and windows, vaccination of teachers can make the reopening of the schools safer.

Publish : 2021-02-13 15:06:00

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