House Democrats unveiled a legislation to provide up to $3,600 Child Tax Credit per child


Washington DC

House Democrats on Monday unveiled legislation proposing a provision that will give millions of families at least $3,000 per child as Child Tax Credit in President Biden’s COVID relief package.

The proposal brought forward by the House Ways and Means Committee would create a refundable credit to as much as $3,600 for some families.

Lawmakers are hoping to provide at least $300 per month per household for every child under the age of six and $250 per month for children between children under 17-years and above the age of 6.

The pandemic is driving families deeper and deeper into poverty, and it's devastating. We are making the Child Tax Credit more generous, more accessible, and by paying it out monthly, this money is going to be the difference in a roof over someone's head or food on their table, Representative Richard Neal, the leader of crafting legislation as the chairman of Ways and Means Committee said.

 If this particular legislation is passed by Congress, the payments would begin in July for one year, which will enable families to get $3,000 to 3,600 as the Child Tax credit.

Representative Rosal DelLauro, Suzan DelBene, and Ritchie Torres have proposed another legislation on Monday that would allow this benefit to continue permanently.

“We cannot stop here. We must use this moment to pass the American Family Act and permanently expand and improve the child tax credit. One year is not enough for the children and families battling not just the coronavirus, but poverty, too,” the Connecticut Democrat DeLauro said in the statement as reported by CNN.


Publish : 2021-02-09 08:30:00

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