5 'Safety Apps' You Must Have In Your Phone


Sraddha Sigdel
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Sometimes, the world can be a dangerous place to live in. Especially, when you're uncertain about the danger can storm-in in any shape, size, and form in an unexpected way. This very fact makes everybody concerned about their security; thus, they wish to have a companion who could protect them 24*7. In that case, security and personal safety apps can be the best alternative. These apps are designed as per our requirement, basically to reach for help on our behalf. These apps can identify the security risk, notify us and the concerned authorities in time, and make it easier to minimize risk or even fatality, providing us with enough protection beforehand from the disaster. Here are the top five apps which can be your most trusted friend in such times of despair:

1.     bSafe

bSafe addresses your safety concerns by setting up social security network among your close
and trusted circle. Once you open the app, you' ll see a map marked with your and all the
required information around you. The big red SOS button on the app menu bar can notify your
connections whenever you are in emergency situations and send the live audio and video
streams thus ensuring your safety to them. This app also allows making a scheduled phone call
which is a perfect escape for any unpleasant situations.

2.     Circle of 6

 The safety app which bagged a couple of awards including the 2011 White House “Apps
Against Abuse” Technology Challenge, is designed for everyone regardless of the boundary of
ages and phone type. Although it was originally designed for college students to prevent sexual
violence, it’s convenient for teenagers, parents, friends, or all communities seeking safety
measures. You can choose six friends to be in your circle and give access to your information. A
click on the danger icon and it activates hotlines for victims of sexual and domestic abuse and
other required hotlines.

3.     My Safetipin

My Safetipin is a personal safety app that assists you in making safer decisions based on safety
ratings of the area which is analyzed by using 9 different parameters including lighting, visibility,
security, public transportation, and so on. It sends an alert whenever you are in a potentially
dangerous area and even notify your friends and families.  It also helps you navigate through
the safest walking route to avoid any possible dangers while updating your exact locations

4.     ICRISIS

This one is also a very popular one-tap app that is specifically designed to stand beside you
24/7 and help you in danger. Either you need to make an emergency call to the police station or
inform the hospital and call an ambulance; it will be at your service and send your locations to
them. The panic alert is especially helpful when you want to attract people’s attention whenever
you are in danger. So, if you want a companion who cares for you 24/7, just install this app and
stay safe and sound.

5.     Chilla

Chilla is a personal safety and security app specially designed for women. Its unique features
recognize women’s screams and reach for help on your behalf, reducing the effort for unlocking
the phone and opening the app. Once the phone detects your scream, the panic signal is
activated and, it sends your location to the police and your family without you having to do it and
helps you immediately. It works even without a signal and saves your location history

Publish : 2021-02-05 18:07:00

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