'I am deeply sorry for every life that has been lost': Boris Johnson apologises as UK's Coronavirus death toll surpasses 100k

Boris Johnson | Image Credit: Getty ~ Via: express.co.uk
Boris Johnson | Image Credit: Getty ~ Via: express.co.uk

Addressing the nation, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he's 'deeply sorry' for the uprising coronavirus death toll that surpassed 100,000 on Tuesday. He accounted himself for 'full responsibility'.

The Prime Minister referred to the tragic loss as 'hard-to-compute' sorrow when Britain outnumbered the rest of the world ranking fifth in terms of COVID-19 death tolls.

Upon asking what lessons had been learned since the start of the pandemic, the Chief Medical Officer, Prof. Chris Whitty, said that views on the effectiveness of masks had shifted and that the effect of asymptomatic cases had initially been underestimated.

The majority of experts think that the relatively elderly population of Britain, high rates of obesity, and dense population may have played a role in the swift fatality rates.

Publish : 2021-01-27 17:28:00

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