Mongolia PM resigns after the Protests over mismanagement during treatment of mother and a baby

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Mongolian Prime Minister Ukhnaagiin Khürelsükh has resigned following protests over the treatment of a pregnant woman and her baby. Ukhnaagiin resigned from the post on Thursday.

People conducted protests after a video of a pregnant woman and a newborn kept with a coronavirus infected in a hospital became public. The protest did not stop even after Police apologized on the behalf of the government.

The protesters protested in front of the government offices. They have accused the government officials of serious shortcomings and negligence.

Five thousand youths marched in the capital on Wednesday against the prime minister. They also demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister.

As the agitation intensified, Prime Minister Ukhnaagiin resigned expressing grief. His resignation was approved by parliament on Thursday evening.

Of the 76 members of parliament, 95 percent voted in favor of the prime minister's resignation.

"As the prime minister, I take responsibility for the incident," he said. He acknowledged mismanagement and asked the public to forgive him.

The deputy prime minister, who heads the National Disaster Commission, and the health minister, who is in charge of the department, had earlier resigned due to pressure from protesters.

Similarly, the head of the negligent hospital and other responsible persons of the hospital have also resigned.

Mongolia has been on high alert since last year, including a blockade, to prevent the coronavirus from entering the country. There, the first internal infection was confirmed last November. Then again the restrictive provisions were tightened.

Publish : 2021-01-23 15:15:00

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