Around 200 National Guard members tested positive for coronavirus


Washington DC

Around 200 National Guard members who protected the capitol have been tested positive for COVID19. The guards we're at the Capitol after the insurrection on January 6 to protect the Capitol from possible threats.

The number is small considering it is less than 1%. However, the case can worsen considering lack of face-masks among the troops and crowding in the capitol over the past few weeks. Especially since 15,000 of troops are expected to leave Washington and return their home state within 5 to 10 days.

The National Guard has said that every one of its members was screened for 19 symptoms before arrival, not all members were tested for COVID. This means some could have been asymptomatic but yet infected completely capable of infecting others.

Roughly 7000 Guard members are expected to stay in the district until February add 5000 expected to stay until mid-March.

Numerous images show guards lying on the floor with no Covid safety measures followed.

It is unclear whether the National Guard is following a range of CDC guidelines meant to reduce possible infections, some of which would be challenging to coordinate among tens of thousands of active troops across the district.

Publish : 2021-01-23 12:39:00

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