Trump to issue around 100 pardons on his last day at the White House; hasn't yet considered pardoning himself

Image: Getty via: Daily express

Major News Media agencies report that President Donald Trump is to issue about 100 pardons on his last day at the office. CNN cites its sources that the president held a meeting at the White House to finalize the list. However, President Donald Trump is not expected to pardon himself as of now.

Many people speculated Trump to Pardon himself for incitement of Capitol riots, which so far seems not to be a case.

Despite the global demands and efforts to pardon WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is under the 18 charges of the Espionage Act put forth by the Obama Administration, is not expected to be on the list.

People are urging people to Pardon Trump. Hollywood Actress Pamela Anderson told on a British TV show Good Morning Britain,  "I know that he is debating and we will see what happens… I hope he makes that decision. That could add a positive to his legacy. Obviously, he is against fake news and Wikileaks is against fake news." 

One of the names on the list is reported to be rapper Dwyane Carter, popularly known as Lil Pump, who was pleaded guilty in court for illegally possessing a loaded, gold-plated .45-caliber handgun while traveling to Florida on a private jet in 2019. Carter's bag also contained cocaine, ecstasy, and oxycodone.

Trump's Pardon list is also expected to include former Trump adviser Steve Bannon who is currently facing charges of fraud.

Pardons are likely to come out on Tuesday in a large batch. President has time until Wednesday afternoon before Joe Biden gets sworn in.

Publish : 2021-01-18 21:50:00

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