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Creepy Santa; Via: TotallyTheBomb

This happened when I was 13 (I’m a girl) and in the eighth grade and the middle school I went to was about a 15 minute walk so not very far. For context, my older brother and I grew up in East L.A in a small house that had a metal gate and both the front and back doors had a black metal screen door and a wooden door. During the day we would always leave the wooden door open and have the black metal door closed and locked. Except this day...

That day I came home from school and had about an hour before anyone else would be home. I was really thirsty so I rushed inside, grabbed a drink, and sat down at the kitchen table, which was about 10 feet away from the front door. I heard the metal gate open and was surprised as no one should have been coming home that early. I got up to see who it was and I saw an older man probably in his 60s. He had short white hair and a long white beard. He was wearing an AC/DC t-shirt, torn jeans and sunglasses. I remember thinking he looked a lot like Santa Claus, but dirty and creepy.

He knocked on the metal screen door and asked if my parents were home. I was a dumb kid and said they weren’t. He got a smile on his face and said that he collected donations for needy children. I said sorry but I didn’t have any money. He said sometimes children donated old toys. I said I didn’t have any old toys to donate. He insisted that I must have some toys I didn’t want anymore. He was beginning to creep me out and I noticed I hadn’t locked the door when I came inside. I tried to keep my cool as I slowly and very carefully locked the door- I kept him talking so he wouldn’t notice. A minute or two later he wouldn’t leave so I decided I would pretend to check for toys and then say I didn’t have any so he would hopefully leave. I told him I would go check, and as I turned and took a few steps down the hall I clearly heard him yank at the door trying to open it. I didn’t want him to know I had heard so I kept walking down the hall and into a room.

I didn’t have a cell phone and the only phone in the house was in the kitchen. I thought about what to do and decided to stick with my plan. After about two or three minutes I walked out hoping he had left. Nope, creepy Santa man was still there. I told him sorry but I didn’t find anything. He sighed and said alright he would check another time. He left and walked across street. I watched from the kitchen window peeking through the blinds as he just stood there staring at my house for about 45 minutes. My brother and a few of his friends finally came walking down the street. As my brother came inside and his friends kept walking down the street, the man walked walked around the corner and disappeared.

I told my brother what happened and he walked outside to look, but creepy Santa man was long gone. When my mom came home we told her what happened and she called the police, but they said to call back if he showed up again. Thankfully he never showed up

Publish : 2021-01-03 07:27:00

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