More than 100 people arrested in anti-lockdown protest in London


As they joined the 'Million Mask March'-an annual event on November 5 that is anti-establishment and against government corruption-at Trafalgar Square, London, very few people wore face coverings.

Just after 6 pm, people started walking up the Strand, chanting 'freedom' and 'no more lockdown' and the police urged them to go home.

Many of them carried signs that read, "No more lockdowns, no more cover-ups, no more masks, no more lies!" The scene was attended by officers from both the City of London and Metropolitan Police forces, with one officer hearing shouting, 'You are breaking the law.'

Despite previously being fined £10,000 for his role in anti-lockdown events, Jeremy Corbyn's brother Piers, 73, arrived with a megaphone.

Most of the 104 arrests were for breaches of the new regulations, the Met said, and it was expected that the number of arrests would increase through the night.

Most of the 104 arrests were for breaches of the new regulations, the Met said, and it was expected that the number of arrests would increase through the night.

Police officers arrested four protestors, one of whom was wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, near the gates of Charing Cross Station.

Shortly after 7 pm, a smaller demonstration gathered near Primark on Oxford Street, where two lines of officers grouped a number of protesters together.

Those clustered in by police were chanting 'stand up' while officers were encouraging protesters to go home nearby.

'You have to leave, you're breaching the restrictions on coronavirus,' one officer told them.

Police said protesters ignored directions from officers and warned that enforcement action against those who did not disperse would be taken.

'This gathering is illegal and puts others at risk,' said a tweet from the force.

'We direct those who are there to go home. Failure to do so will result in action by enforcement.'

At 8 pm, on Oxford Street, a number of police vans and officers were still in place, while a number of protesters remained grouped together.

Commander Jane Connors, who led the operation last night, said that 'keeping Londoners safe' was the main priority of the force.

'We are eight months into this domestic pandemic and, frankly, there can be no excuse for individuals to violate laws dangerously to prevent further spread of coronavirus,' she said.

'Tonight, a crowd of people decided to ignore the new laws, to act irresponsibly, and to meet in a dangerous way.

More than 100 of these individuals have now been arrested and will face the consequences of their behavior.

She added: 'I will continue to urge people throughout the city to keep themselves safe and comply with the laws.'

It comes after three people were arrested and 13 were fined in Liverpool city center in a similar anti-lockdown protest.

At around 6:30 pm yesterday, there were reports of huge crowds of people at St George's Hall.

A number of individuals, before the majority of the group left the area, were given fixed penalty notices for breaching lockdown regulations.

'On several occasions, Merseyside Police has made it very clear that the public is advised not to congregate, as protest is no longer an exemption for meetings under the current restrictions,' said Peter Clark, chief inspector.

This evening, a significant number of people attended St George's Hall and after being dispersed, some groups then moved to the head of the Pier where they reformed.

A total of 13 fixed penalty notices have been issued and we are now collecting evidence and conducting a number of investigations to identify those who attended, especially those involved in organizing the event so that further enforcement action can be taken.

We also arrested three individuals for public order offenses, seized one vehicle, and issued ten fixed penalty notices for road traffic.

In the first instance, we will always try to engage with the public, but for a reason, the regulations are in place, and we will not hesitate to use enforcement where they are ignored and others' health and safety are at risk.'


Publish : 2020-11-06 18:25:00

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