ELECTION DAY: Madison Cawthorn, the youngest member of Congress

Via the NZherald
Via the NZherald

The "golden boy" of US President Donald Trump, Madison Cawthorn, won the Congressional race in North Carolina, becoming its youngest member at just 25 years of age.

After a surprise win in the primaries earlier this year, Cawthorn defeated 62-year-old Democrat Moe Davis, a retired Air Force Colonel, and former Guantanamo Bay prosecutor, in the 11th Congressional District of the state.

When Cawthorn, who previously tweeted that he would "defend your liberty in Washington until his "dying breath", was declared victorious, his reaction was merely three words: "Cry more, lib."

As the youngest member of Congress, the minimum age set in the Constitution to serve in the House, he will now replace 31-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat representing New York in the House of Representatives.

Cawthorn will serve in the seat that Trump's chief of staff, Mark Meadows, previously held.

"He said in a prepared victory statement," The days of the AOC and the far left misleading the next generation of Americans are numbered.

"Tonight, Western North Carolina voters chose to stand in Washington for freedom and a new generation of leadership."

He added that it is not the time for "settling scores, but for the future to be secured."

We need to lift each other up instead of tearing each other down. To tolerate a dysfunctional status quo, the scope and magnitude of our challenges are too great. The fight ahead is not against individuals, our fellow Americans, but destructive ideas that should remain in the ash heap of history, "the statement read."

According to Politico, his campaign focused on a "scathing critique of his own party, calling it xenophobic, feckless and devoid of empathy," Cawthorn, the paraplegic survivor of a near-fatal car crash when he was 18.

But he has also aligned himself with the President, a man who has been accused of embodying all three of those characteristics on various occasions.

'I 'm definitely running against the Republican Party,' he said last week in an interview.

"They're a party that doesn't try to address real problems. They're a party that says no to things all the time."

After winning his primary back in June, Cawthorn told The New York Times, "I think I can carry the message of conservatism in a manner that doesn't seem so abrasive-that has better packaging, I'd say, better messaging."

Reports have noted that Cawthorn's social media posts referred to Adolf Hitler as "the Fuhrer" and said that his "bucket list" experience, visiting Hitler's German vacation home, "did not disappoint."

Cawthorn was also accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women, with public relations consultants hitting back on his campaign and calling the allegations "(Brett) Kavanaugh-like character assassination."

Publish : 2020-11-04 09:50:00

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