ELECTION DAY: Trump promises never to go back if he loses in Michigan

VIa Business Insider
VIa Business Insider

President Trump told a rally in Michigan that if he voted for Joe Biden in the presidential election on Tuesday, he would "never come back" and "tell Japan to bring all those plants back."

Speaking at his final campaign rally on Monday night in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Trump told his supporters he would be "so angry" if the battleground state did not vote to re-elect him to the White House.

Trump narrowly won the state there in 2016, but according to the 538 going into Tuesday's vote, Biden trails in most recent polls.

Trump told supporters in Michigan on Monday: "You can't let this happen to our country, all right."

The president said, "You know, it puts a lot more pressure on me to run against a guy like this. If you lost to someone who was good ... could you imagine losing to this guy?"

Oh, you better get out and vote tomorrow, or I'm going to be so upset.

"I'm never going to come back to Michigan. I'm never going to come back. I'm going to tell Japan to bring back all those plants."

Publish : 2020-11-03 18:41:00

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