A man wearing mediaeval costume stabs multiple people killing 2 and injuring other 5


After being stabbed by a man wearing medieval clothes near the Parliament Hill area of Quebec City, Canada late on Saturday, at least two people were killed and five were injured, police and local media reported.

Police in Quebec City said they had arrested a suspect early on Sunday and that initial indication was that the individual acted instead of having any other motive for personal reasons.

They said the situation was under control in tweets, but told individuals residing near the area to stay indoors as the investigation was still going on.

The police said earlier that they were hunting for a man wearing a bladed weapon dressed in medieval clothing, leaving "multiple victims."

Quebec City police spokesman Etienne Doyon was quoted by CBC News as saying that two people were killed and five others were taken to the hospital.

Publish : 2020-11-01 18:15:00

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