American Poet Louise Gluck wins Nobel Prize for Literature

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American poet Louise Gluck has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature for the year 2020.

Louis has bestowed this honor for his unparalleled poetic voice.

Mats Malm, the Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy, announced the awards in Stockholm, stating that his voice is beautiful as well as universalizes personal existence.

Born in New York in 1943, 77-year-old Louise Gluck is a professor of English at Yale University.

Gluck made her debut with 'Firstborn' in 1968 and soon became one of the most prominent poets in American contemporary literature. He has published a collection of twelve poems and some essays.

One of Louise Gluck's most acclaimed collections is 'The Wild Iris', which was published in 1992. In a poem 'Snowdrops' of this collection, he describes the miraculous return of life after winter.

She won the Putilizer Prize in 1993 and the National Book Award in 2014.


Publish : 2020-10-09 00:40:59

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