Kamala Harris gathers praises from celebrities for her debate

If you're still clinging to Joe Biden and Donald Trump's presidential debate last month, Kamala Harris is here to tidy up the mess.

On Wednesday night, the Democratic Vice-President nominee stood face to face (at a distance, of course) with Republican Vice-President Mike Pence for the first and only Vice-Presidential Debate on television.

During the debate, the pair fought on a number of talking points, including the Trump administration's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, law enforcement, and race, but one of Harris's statements that have gone down in history as a perfect response to anyone trying to disrupt your flow.

At one point, Harris said that Pence defended the President's downplay of Covid-19 because 'the President wanted people to remain calm.'

When Pence tried to interrupt Harris' speaking time, she responded coolly with a micro-drop-worthy line: 'Mr. Vice-President, I'm speaking.'

The response was in sharp contrast to the attempt by Biden and Trump to talk about each other, raise their voices, and slam each other with harsh words last month.

At another point in the debate, Harris said to Pence, 'If you don't mind letting me finish, we can have a conversation, okay? Harris' performance during the televised conversation went well with her famous fans, with a few noting how 'strong' and 'hopeful' she was in front of Pence.

Another talking point of the night was the flight that landed on Pence's head and stayed there for a full two minutes.

'Pitch in $5 to help this debate fly,' Biden tweeted after the debate while holding a fly swatter.

Hours later, his team began selling 'Truth over Fly' swatters.


Publish : 2020-10-08 22:05:49

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