Italy to extend coronavirus emergency until January 31

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Italy will extend the state of Covid-19 emergency until January 31 next year, Health Minister Roberto Speranza said on Tuesday

Despite warnings from the World Health Organization (WHO), Italy, which has relaxed the market, is likely to suffer the consequences.

Lockdown has weakened two months ago after the number of coronaviruses in Italy dropped. However, the incidence of corona infection has skyrocketed.

Two months ago, the death toll from the corona in Italy was 33,000. Now it has increased to 36,030.

The government decided to open the market in June and July, saying the Corona was under control. The WHO called on the Italian government to be vigilant, saying the second phase of the corona could spread at any time.

At present, 34,087 people have been hospitalized in Italy, including 323 in the ICU, according to Italian news reports.

Two months ago, the number of corona cases in Italy was 12,600. Now it has increased to around 60,000.

In view of the deteriorating condition of the corona in the country, the government has made it mandatory to wear a mask when leaving home. It has urged to follow such social distance strictly.

The government had earlier declared a state of emergency until October 15. But now it has been extended to January 31 next year.

Health Minister Speranza said: "Italy has good control over the second phase. But, we are not in any confusion. 'He urged all the people to follow the government's decision as a national resolution.

The situation in Italy became dire last February when the "lockdown" rule was not enforced despite warnings from the WHO.

So far, 330,000 people in Italy have been tested positive, including over 234,000 recoveries and 36,002 deaths, according to a tally by John Hopkins University



Publish : 2020-10-07 10:50:07

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