How successful will Trump slogan "Make America Great Again" be?



The Republican Party had long since entered the fray with the slogan "Make America Great Again." Supporters of President Trump were curious about what the campaign would be like after tested corona postive.

However, the party has promised to take the slogan "Let's Make America Great Again" door to door. The party has indicated that it will make the election campaign more aggressive than in the past.

Despite Trump's illness, the Republican Party has not postponed its election campaign. He has given continuity to the pre-preparation program. As the election draws near, he is sending a message to activists to make the election campaign more active.

Some polls suggest President Trump lags behind in key states. However, the party does not seem to have given much importance to the results of the survey. Campaign members do not seem to be concerned.

Instead, they are planning to change the nature of the election campaign from next year. The Wisconsin meeting has been postponed for now. Instead, the party plans to launch a campaign to raise money for the election fund.

Vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence has been in regular contact with campaign team members since Trump fell ill. He is meeting every day to prepare a new plan. He has instructed party cadres to prepare a plan for the past week, according to various media outlets.

Earlier, Trump was involved in everything from raising money for the election to organizing events and creating a political environment. Little did anyone know that she too could be infected with corona.

Now Pence wants to show that Trump's absence has had little effect on the election campaign. In his first meeting with activists last Saturday, he said, "Let's not limit the slogan of making America great again." Let's move it forward as a goal.

Republican election planner Matt Gorman said in a recent interview, "Even with the main leader out of the field, we have no choice." The election campaign we have prepared needs to be presented to the people with more vigor. When we get home, we have to urge the voters to vote by phone. 'He urged the activists to do as much as they can.

In Trump's absence, his family has been campaigning one after another. This has added enthusiasm to the cadres. The deputy campaign coordinator is currently based in Virginia.

Campaign coordinator Bill Stepien is working from home, even though he is in quarantine. He is in regular contact with other members of the campaign team. Trump himself has been talking directly to campaign workers across the country over the phone.

Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and top political adviser to the president, has been playing a key role in his father-in-law's absence. According to the American media, he is coming up with a new plan to add energy to the members of the election campaign team. Trump's son Eric and daughter-in-law Lara are also in regular contact with campaign team members.

Trump was admitted to a Maryland hospital less than a week ago and returned home on Tuesday. Lara's daughter-in-law is taunting the mainstream media: "The mainstream media is making money by publishing scary news about my father-in-law."

‘He will soon be free of infection and stand among you,’ Lara said. She said she would defeat the Democratic candidate again. Son Eric says his father has a lot of 'energy'. He expressed sorrow over the news coming in the newspapers about his father. Some US-based media outlets have written articles about a change of government if Trump's health worsens.

Stepien, the head of the publicity department, has called the fact that some polls show Trump far below Widen a windfall argument. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.

Next Wednesday, two vice-presidential candidates, Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, will be debating.

There is a strong possibility that Republican candidate Pence will hastily present the slogan 'Let's make America great again'. The Republican Party is aggressively campaigning for a "virtual" campaign to spread the word. A "bus tour" campaign has also been launched for Trump.

Leaders involved in the Trump campaign are scheduled to travel by car from Bunn County to Iowa. It includes celebrities such as Governor Kim Reynolds and Matt Whitaker. They have a program to address the American people from place to place.

When Trump won the 2016 election, his slogan was "America First." This time he has given the slogan of 'Make America Great Again'. How fruitful this slogan is for Trump. The decision will be made last month.




Publish : 2020-10-07 00:06:26