Facebook to study its impact on 2020 US election



Facebook has decided to conduct a study on its impact on society during the 2020 US Presidential elections scheduled on November 03 this year.

The new research project, which Facebook announced Monday, will study how the 2020 election is playing out on the world's largest social network, and how the platform affects things like political polarization, voter participation, trust in democracy, and the spread of misinformation.

A 17-person research team, which includes leading academics in the fields of media and politics, will work with some two dozen Facebook staffers to design the experiments.

The group will comprise of leading academicians who study the political impacts of social media.

The researchers will be provided data on what these participants see, like, and post on Facebook and Instagram related to the US elections. This will help study the behavior and any change in the behavioral patterns of the participants during the course of the US Presidential elections.

During the course of the research, Facebook will be bringing in specific changes for the targeted audience, such as advertising or types of posts shown to them.

The findings, which Facebook will have no veto power over, will be published for free to the public beginning next summer.


Publish : 2020-09-01 13:40:38

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