Corona virus not yet a threat to Olympic Games- Smit

The Secretary-General of the Namibia National Olympic Committee, Joan Smit, says the Namibian sporting fraternity should not panic about the Corona Virus in regard to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics just yet and that the Games are very likely to take place.
Four Namibian Athletes- namely marathon runner Helalia Johannes, Rower Maike Diekmann, Road Cyclist Vera Adrian- Looser and boxer Jonas Junius Jonas have been confirmed as the athletes who will compete at the games, which start in July in Japan.
The Asian country has however also been hit by the Coronavirus, which has already killed thousands.
In China - the epicenter of the deadly disease - the National Health Commission reported on Friday at least 44 new coronavirus deaths, bringing the number of fatalities to 2,788.
Overall, the Corona Virus has killed more than 2,800 people and infected more than 83,000 worldwide.
This situation has brought fear globally and Namibia is no exception.
The NNOC official explained that measures that are in place in the Asian countries are good. She, however, stressed that that does not mean not to be vigilant.

She gave an assurance that the International Olympic Committee and the world health organization, as well as the Japanese government, are monitoring the situation very closely.
“Until we hear anything about the games, the Namibia National Olympic Committee will continue to make sure that our athletes go to the qualification events to give their best to qualify for the games. But we will also make sure that the athletes' safety is a high priority for us and that and we are looking after their well being" Smit said.
She added, “So, for now, the Olympic games are continuing to be in Tokyo until we hear a different message from the International Olympic Committee and the world health organization”.
Three Boxers, namely Tryagain Ndevelo, Nestor Thomas and Jonas Junius Jonas recently traveled to Dakar, Senegal for the African Olympic qualifiers.
However only one of the three Jonas Junius Jonas qualified for the games, as Ndevelo and Thomas did not make it past the quarter-finals. They will be back in the country on Monday,
Meanwhile, Adrian-Looser is preparing at the UIC center in Switzerland , while Diekmann is in Europe to compete at two events as part of her preparations.

Johannes will be going to Asia in a week’s time to compete in yet another marathon.
“I just think that the country's athletes for this time are on a different level on a much higher level . Very positive level, mind body soul, they are in very good shape so I want to wish them all the best,” she said.
Smit also confirmed that the court case of Jonas Junius Jonas in Brazil has been settled and that the NNOC will host an official press conference on Tuesday as Jonas is expected home on Monday.

Publish : 2020-03-04 00:12:22

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