UK might face an Omicron variant wave if more restrictions not imposed

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Experts in the United Kingdom cautioned on Saturday that if further limits on social gatherings are not implemented, England might face a big wave of Covid-19 infections caused by the Omicron strain in the coming months.

According to a recent model developed by academics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), without further steps beyond those included in the British government's so-called Plan B, fatalities from the illness might range from 25,000 to 75,000 in April 2022.

According to the report, if the government does nothing, there would be more than 2,000 daily hospitalizations and 24,700 fatalities between December 1 and April 30.

According to experts, if Omicron manages to avoid the booster vaccinations' efficacy and does not impose stricter social restrictions, there might be roughly half a million hospitalizations and 74,800 fatalities.

Experts believe that starting next year, the worrying data might be lowered to 53,000 illnesses and 7,600 fatalities by prohibiting people from congregating in indoor places, closing some entertainment venues, and restricting the number of people who can attend events.

According to UK health officials, 633 cases of Omicron were recorded in England on Saturday, bringing the total number of cases to 1,898 since the outbreak began two weeks ago.

The British government closed its borders to a dozen countries in the southern African cone after the Omicron variant outbreak was discovered for the first time in South Africa, requiring negative Covid-19 testing from all international travelers, and mandating the use of face masks in public transportation, stores, and other indoor places.

Publish : 2021-12-12 15:13:00

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