COVID doesn't actually kill, a different terror is the murderer in Indian hospitals

Two men in beds screamed for two hours to death as they slowly ran out of oxygen - trying hard to breathe.

Danish Siddiqui for Reuters

Sujeet Mehta, 30, went from hospital to hospital in Mumbai for four days bearing heat that exceeded 35-degrees Celcius. It wasn't Sujeet's matter of interest to bear the oppressive summer heat if it wasn't for his 25-year old pregnant wife Renuka. Renuka "was" 6-months pregnant with the couple's first child. Renuka and Sujeeet had been married for 3 years and both originally from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 

Sujeet, to keep his wife and their child breathing, went door-to-door of more than 9 hospitals, begging for a hospital bed with a proper oxygen supply. After he finally found one,  Renuka was admitted.

"I am very scared, forgive me Sujeet if I fail to give you the happiness you deserve.", Renuka wept looking at Sujeet's eyes just before she was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

Not long before she started recieving treatment in the ICU, the doctors informed Sujeet that they were running out of oxygen supply and there were patients who were relatives of higher authorities who needed to be prioritized. Sujeet, as a caring husband and any rational person, argued that his pregnant wife was in need of oxygen more than anyone at that moment.

In the meantime, Renuka was already cut-off of the oxygen supply. Two days later, Sujeet lost Renuka and their first child.

In India, with rocketing numbers of COVID-19 patients, very few patients are able to get admitted. Above it, beds, oxygen and medical workers are short in supply. Half of the deaths occur in waiting rooms before even being seen by a doctor.

In addition to these actual shortages and problems, there are, however, inhuman factors that are piling up deaths. Nepotism and favoritism have never left the nation untouched even in the critical situation as of now. Just like Renuka, hundreds of patients in actual need are ceasing their breaths every day. Only because a person holds power at a certain point, their relatives are provided with unnecessary stocks of oxygen and care.

Because the evils as such are yet prevalent, patients are compelled to lie on beds of cardboard. Two men in beds screamed for two hours to death as they slowly ran out of oxygen - trying hard to breathe.

india's Ministry of Health and Family welfare promised to expand the supply real soon but the supply never seems to tally the needs. With already existing lackness of needed treatment, unprioritized and biased supply has been killing patients every minute in India.

Publish : 2021-05-03 15:56:00

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