Myanmar Military Coup

Myanmar: Bloodshed Continues

Ko Chit Min Thu, 25, was shot dead in North Dagon, Yangon Region, on March 11. Photo: Irrawaddy

Bloodshed in the streets of Myanmar continues as at least 12 people protesting against the Military Regime were killed on Thursday.

Myanmar has seen bloody crackdowns against the protesters who are protesting for the reinstatement of Democracy in the country.

According to Burmese media Irrawaddy, at least 70 people have been killed so far in the violent crackdowns by the military regime.

The protesters, however, are undeterred by the action of the military and are ready to die instead of bow down.

Irrawaddy reports the killing of at least 12 people by the military on Thursday, including Ko Chit Min.

“Forgive me, wife. If I don’t go out today and if others do the same, we won’t get democracy back.” These were the last words 25-year-old Ko Chit Min Thu told his pregnant wife before joining a protest against the military regime in Yangon on Thursday.

The Military explained as terrorist by the Myanmar Protestors has been increasingly brutal and cruel to the citizens of Burma, which it vowed to protect.

The United Nations, Amnesty International, and other world bodies have condemned the actions of the Myanmar Military.

The sanctions enforced by the west seem to matter very less to the Myanmar junta which has arrested more than 2,000 protesters so far.


Publish : 2021-03-12 10:59:00

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